How to Create High-Value Promotional Brand Merchandise on a Tight Budget

How to Create High-Value Promotional Brand Merchandise on a Tight Budget

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Promotional brand merchandise is one of the key cornerstones of marketing, even in the era of ads and digital outreach. The strategy is effective, offers extensive outreach, and creates a memorable impact for your brand.

According to Spend Edge statistics, the promotional products sector will have an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3% between 2021 and 2024. The number shows how essential brand merchandise is for businesses.

Did you know that 88% of consumers recall the names of brands after receiving a promotional product from it, and 85% of them end up buying their products? It surely means you cannot miss out on the chance to make a noise with giveaways! But giving away promotional material takes more than picking random products without second thoughts about the budget, usability, and messaging.

Designing impressive merchandise takes some effort, even if you pick something as simple as t-shirts and mugs. Printing them in volume can be a significant expense. However, you cannot cut corners with quality just to save a few dollars because these products are a sustainable marketing asset.

Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds and create high-value brand merchandise despite your budget constraints. Let us share a few tips for business owners looking for an affordable solution.

Take a DIY Approach

DIY is an excellent approach when it comes to creating promotional products on a budget. While you can collaborate with professionals, DIY makes you self-sufficient and saves tons of cash. The best part is that creating a printed t-shirt or mug isn’t rocket science, provided you have the right equipment and supplies.

You only need to learn the skill to print them at a fraction of the cost of professional services. Look for top-quality materials because durable products last forever and maximize your ROI in the long run.

You will also require tools and materials like sublimation ink and heat presses. Besides the basics, a printer is the most significant piece of equipment for the project. Products like a Sawgrass sublimation printer set you up for DIY expertise.

According to SIGN Ware House, Sawgrass printers have a range of features that make them apt for printing projects. These include design templates, wireless printing, and end-to-end color management. Since these printers have gel-based inks, operators do not have to struggle with clogging and maintenance issues. Business owners even get online training and business development resources to use these printers effectively.

Once you have the tools and supplies ready, you can use them for printing merchandise on the fly, whether for giveaways at events or for promotions in your business locations. If you are good at printing, you may even consider starting a side hustle and adding a revenue stream to your primary business.

Think Long-Term

Another way to save money on your brand merchandise is by thinking long-term. The longer these items last, the more value they deliver over time. Investing in quality materials gives you a good start, even if you may have to spend a little more. Also, print with fade-resistant ink to ensure longevity despite prolonged use and exposure to elements.

Another aspect of longevity is product design and creativity. You need to pick ones that replicate your business so that consumers can connect the t-shirt or mug with your brand. Consistency is the key, and it comes with using the same logo, fonts, colors, and messaging. You can use a design template to craft a great design or hire a graphic designer for the project.

Prioritize Usability

Usability is another factor in making the most of your brand merchandising budget. Imagine people wearing the brand t-shirt to outings or flaunting promotional goodies like mugs and key chains at home or the workplace. It is like getting word-of-mouth recommendations for your business from consumers showing off your merchandise.

Prioritizing usability is the key to ensuring that people actually use the merchandise and spread the word with them. Give away stuff of practical use instead of fancy ones they will probably preserve rather than wear or show around. Your investment will pay back sooner than later, even if you spend a bit on these promotional products.


Brand merchandise can seem like a considerable expense, but it is a worthy investment for your business. However, you can create and print them on a budget with a DIY approach. Investing in printing supplies, tools, and equipment is a great idea because you can use them to print t-shirts, mugs, and gifts every time you need them. Moreover, the skill is easy to master if you are creative and resourceful.


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