FIFA 23 Premier League TOTS Saint-Maximin, De Bruyne, and Saka PLAYER REVIEW

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In this article, we will discuss the performance and chemistry recommendations for three FIFA 23 Premier League TOTS players, namely Saint-Maximin, De Bruyne, and Saka. These cards have their unique strengths and weaknesses, and we will explore the best chemistry styles for each position to maximize their potential.



Of course, I did Saint-Maximin TOTS as soon as the season arrived. It is almost everyone’s favorite card among the operation flow players. It may not be the top-level card, but it is definitely a card that is quite interesting and has quality. In terms of position, he is still best suited for explosive plays on the flank. As a flank breakthrough point, Saint-Maximin is quite powerful, with his speed, physicality, and dribbling skills being good, plus his 5-star skill moves and 4-star weak foot, he has both impact and diversity, making him especially comfortable to use.

If you are a super explosive player, maybe Ovillan is still your choice, but Saint-Maximin, who has both speed, strength, and skill moves, should not be missed. However, this card also has some problems. At this stage, his finishing is still a bit low, especially his 77 jumping. In FIFA games, it is not only the high-difficulty acrobatic moves that are considered jumping, but many half-high balls and ground balls also require jumping attribute. Therefore, Saint-Maximin is more suitable for a flank or attacking CM.

Chemistry recommendation:

If you want to use Saint-Maximin to play closer to the goal, you still need to use Hunter chemistry. If you play on the flank or attacking CM, use Hawk or Engine chemistry.

De Bruyne:


Many friends asked whether TOTS De Bruyne or TOTY De Bruyne is better. I think they are both good and have different characteristics. Who to choose depends on who your partner is. Tonight, my midfield partner is Casemiro, who has little attacking ability, so I used POTY De Bruyne, but I also played TOTS De Bruyne before it was released and it was also very good. Remember not to only look at the overall defense rating of 85, but if you look at his defensive stats carefully, the low ones are his heading accuracy and slide tackle, which are not very important in midfield, but his interceptions reach 88 and his defensive awareness is 90, which are even considered very good in midfield.

Although not as good as pure defensive players like Vieira and Casemiro, it is definitely enough, so TOTS De Bruyne is more suitable for players who have two defensive midfielders or players with not so good defensive skills. The slight impact of speed and dribbling is not significant. In any case, it depends on your pairing. In some ways, TOTS De Bruyne is a more comprehensive card and is great.

Chemistry recommendation: Use Shadow chemistry.



This season, Saka has become a 4-star Skill Moves 5-star Weak Foot player, which has given him more possibilities and more positions to play. I really like this card, and I even have one on my own account. In terms of position, I think he is one of the best options for the wing-back or winger position in a 3-center-back formation. He has attacking ability, defensive ability, passing, shooting, and even has a good weak foot. Although he is a lean model, Saka doesn’t seem weak. Although he may not be as strong in physical duels as larger players, he is still flexible enough to contribute both offensively and defensively.

Today, I mainly used him in the attacking CM position in a 4-3-2-1 formation, and he was really good there. He has almost no weaknesses except for his skill moves, and he is very comfortable to play with. He may be slightly inferior to 92 World Cup Enkunku in this position, but considering his price of a few hundred thousand coins, he is still very good. In this position, I personally think he is better than Saint-Maximin and Payet, who are both 5-star Skill Moves 4-star Weak Foot players, although those two are also good. Of course, Saka can also play in positions such as RM or RW in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-2-2 formation, but I prefer to use 5-star Skill Moves 4-star Weak Foot players in those positions, so he may not be as good as Saint-Maximin in those positions.

Chemistry recommendation:

For positions such as attacking CM and RW, you can use the basic chemistry style “BASIC” (don’t underestimate the value of BASIC chemistry style, as it is quite versatile), or the “Powerhouse” chemistry style for the wing-back position.


In conclusion, Saint-Maximin, De Bruyne, and Saka are all popular cards in FIFA 23 , and they each have their unique strengths and weaknesses. We recommend using the appropriate chemistry styles to maximize their potential in different positions. With the end of the FIFA 23 season, EA FC 24 will also arrive in a few months. If you want to buy FIFA 24 coins, you can visit


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