How ePac Is Helping Large Companies Find Profit Through Flexible Packaging

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The extensive packaging needs of large companies have the potential to make or break profits on products. One way for companies to find profit is to choose the right flexible packaging provider. Find out how large order volumes can lower the cost of custom packaging and sustainable materials and improve the bottom line of large enterprises along with other options for cost-effective product packaging.

Custom Packaging To Boost Consumer Loyalty

Custom packaging designs can be one of the best ways to increase loyalty among consumers. From eye-catching designs to connected features such as Quick Response codes, there are many ways for large companies to prioritize consumer engagement and create branded experiences through the design of stand up pouch packaging.

Serialized QR Codes

Packaging that features QR codes can be used to deploy rewards programs. Serialized QR codes could also boost loyalty by making it easy for customers to verify the authenticity of products or track the lifecycle of products from the supply chain to production, packaging, distribution, sale and use. 

Large companies can also design packaging to appeal to consumers and experiment with short runs or variable designs. From testing preferences to offering unique packaging, a packaging partner can help stakeholders balance the priorities of customer satisfaction and profit.

Sustainable Packaging Options

Sustainable packaging materials are often more expensive than virgin materials. Large companies can work with packaging companies to lower the cost per package by placing larger orders for post-consumer recycled, recyclable or compostable packaging materials.

Sustainable Packaging

Companies should also consider the tradeoffs associated with mono-material and multi-material packaging. Mono-material packaging is easier to recycle and is therefore more sustainable. Multi-material pouches can provide superior barrier functions, but require additional steps to recycle. Large companies can benefit from working with a packaging partner that has low minimum order quantity requirements when testing out new packaging that prioritizes sustainability.

Enterprises can also profit from spending less to print packaging. Digital printing significantly reduces the costs associated with producing plates for conventional package printing. This packaging partner uses the HP Indigo 20000 digital press, which also has the advantages of being carbon-neutral and using polymer-based inks that do not contain hazardous air pollutants. 

Affordable Rollstock and Formed Pouches

Selecting affordable films can be one of the best ways to reduce packaging costs and find profit. One of the most durable options for a wide range of consumables are custom Mylar bags, which provide superior barrier functions at comparatively low cost. 

Rollstock Packaging

Rollstock offers the benefits of low materials and production costs and fast turnaround times. Some large companies may find profit in using form, fill and seal machinery to finish rollstock packaging rather than ordering preformed pouches. Other operations may prefer the streamlined production capabilities made possible by preformed pouches.


The right flexible packaging service offers affordable package design options that account for production capabilities to decision makers at large companies. Product packaging should meet goals for the custom presentation of products, sustainability and profitability. Many companies can find profit by selecting cost-effective materials and ordering digitally printed packaging in quantity.


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