Top 5 UAT Tools for your business

Top 5 UAT Tools for your business

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User acceptance testing (UAT) plays a critical role in software adoption. You’ve implemented a new ERP system or have rolled out a software solution for consumers. The importance of UAT cannot be undermined. The reason for this is that end user testing ensures that a software supports day-to-day business and user scenarios. End user testing provides opportunity for end users to interact with the software before its official release to check whether the system is capable of satisfying their day to day requirements. 

As you’re now aware about the importance of UAT, you must be wondering what are the most popular UAT tools. Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Top 5 UAT Tools for your business

  1. Opkey

    : It is an AI-powered continuous test automation tool, specially designed for ERP testing. Since UAT plays a crucial role in ERP adoption, Opkey offers business users an opportunity to test ERP systems for better adaptability. Opkey is a zero-code test automation tool that supports 14+ ERP solutions including Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, etc along with 60+ enterprise applications. Another advantage that Opkey serves to its users is that it comes with pre-built test accelerators. So, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to writing test cases. Opkey natively integrates with test management tools to robust reporting and test management.


    : Designed specifically for website UAT, is a robust reporting tool that leverages screenshots and annotations to make bug reporting as actionable as possible. can be integrated with test management tools like  Jira, GitHub, and Trello. It is easy to operate as testers can report a bug by creating an issue and highlighting issues using arrows, text, and shapes.

  3. FitNesse

    : Available as an open-source tool, FitNesse helps in validating whether or not the software is behaving up to the expectation of the end user. FitNesse is designed using JAVA but now it is also available in other programming languages such as C++, Python, Ruby, Delphi, C#, etc. Using FitNesse, tests can be created and their results can be recorded in a table.

  4. Tricentis Tosca

    : Designed to support continuous testing initiatives, Tricentis Tosca keeps end users and development teams in sync using test management tools like Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub. Tosca supports Agile, DevOps, and Waterfall forms of development along with 100+ enterprise applications. 

  5. Rally Software

    : It is a project management and collaboration tool that streamlines communication between development and QA teams. It can be used to create test cases, execute and manage test suites. It comes with the capabilities to generate test result reports, enabling full traceability across the application development lifecycle. With customizable dashboards, QA teams can easily manage testing activities.


There’s no denying the fact that UAT is critical for your software implementation success. Since it is different from functional testing, it uncovers issues related to adoption to pave way for better change management. As UAT is the final round of testing, at times, organizations rush it due to time crunch or even skip it altogether. They need to understand that it would negatively impact the adoption. 

Rather than, organizations need to devote time and resources for UAT. They need to support this by embracing automated UAT tools. It allow business users to be proactively involved in testing initiatives for better adoption. From the above suggested list of UAT tools, you can easily pick based on your unique requirements. 


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