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IYF TV is a top Asian movie website offering a diverse range of Content, including movies, TV dramas, cartoons, documentaries, variety shows, music, and fashion.

The website’s owner’s name is concealed, but it claims to be created by an overseas Chinese.

Website ranking is a crucial tool for assessing the worth of a business. Over the last three months, IYF TV’s global ranking has increased from 4,459 to 4,791.

As it is a Chinese website, it also covers China news that covers different Content like Chinese information, finance, military, and much more. Despite the Chinese website, they also cover international news. With over 10,000 movies, 10,000 TV dramas, 1800+ variety shows, 3000+ cartoons, 1300+ documentaries, and sports content, IYF TV is a valuable resource for fans of Asian culture and entertainment.

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IYF TV offers a wide range of movies, dramas, web series, reality shows, cartoons, entertainment content, and more. It features a variety of genres and types, including comedy, adventure, love, fantasy, science fiction, horror, thriller, homosexual, suspense, and class. The entertainment category includes random shows, movies, stars, talent shows, and animations. The game category includes online, standalone, and mobile games.

The viral content section includes study abroad, lifestyle, activity, TV shows, and promotional shows. The documentary section covers culture, exploration, military, technology, history, figures, nature, and more. The physical education section features the Olympics, comprehensive basketball, football, and related sports content. Overall, IYF TV provides a diverse range of Content for its viewers.

What is new in IYF TV?

IYF TV has everything from music to movies, fashion to physical education, and national to international news. Its new feature has been added, that is “Game center.” If you want to enjoy and play challenging games, then visit “https://www.17yx.tv/” and enjoy. It is a lot of fun to play it.

Best online platform to watch movies, web series or Documentary

If you are a founder of Watching movies, web series, or documentaries, then IYF.tv is the best option, as you can watch quality content with or without a subscription. Just go to the website” www.ify.tv.” find the movie, web series, or Documentary you want to watch, which you can do very conveniently through the site’s efficient and detailed navigation system. Select the desired movie and click on it to start the movie on a new page.

How to Download Movies from IYF.tv?

Downloading movies and web series episodes on IYF TV is as simple as streaming them online.

There is only one condition: first, choose the subscription plan. Choose the movie you want to watch and click to download it. The video player features a download button, thumbs up, thumbs down, share, and rate buttons. Click on the download button, and your download will start).

Buy at the original price.

IYF TV subscription plans are a bit expensive, but if you avail yearly subscription, they are reasonably priced, providing good quality with a downloading option available. Listing Down the list of subscriptions, you can choose the subscription according to your need.

1. 30 Days Gold Package of IYF TV is 15€ (Euro)

2. 6 Months GOLD VIP package of IYF TV is 69€ (Euro)

3. 1 Year Supreme VIP of IYF TV is 119 € (Euro)

4. 1 Year Couple VIP packages of IYF TV for 119 € (Euro)

Furthermore, to get more updates about subscription plans or any offers, visit the websites.

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IYF TV Free and Premium Subscription Plan

IYF TV has free and premium features, and each of the subscriptions has its Pros and Cons.

Advantages of Free IYF TV:

You can watch all IYF TV movies and dramas for free with no need to share Credit or Debit Card Details.

Disadvantages of Free IYF TV:

Multiple Annoying pop-ups and lots of ads occur in Free subscription iyf TV. Content available in low quality. Less amount of Content is available to watch for free with Download Restrictions.

Advantages of Paid IYF TV:

Vip IYF TV is a paid service offering ad-free access to high-quality HD content, a wide range of movies and dramas in 2k and 4k quality, the ability to download any movie or series, the ability to request unavailable Content, and the ability to watch downloaded Content offline.

Disadvantages of the Paid Version of IYF TV:

The paid version of IYF TV requires personal registration financial details for credit or debit cards and is expensive due to the need for personal information.

How To Install an IYF  Application?

Follow these tips below to install the modified version of the iyf. Tv website:

  • Visit the website of iyf. Tv.
  • Click on the ‘download’ option and wait for it to complete.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the guidelines to install this application.
  •  It’s time to Start streaming your much-loved shows on the app.

Right now, this app is available for :

  • Windows download Version number 2.9.3
  • Android mobile client download Version number 1.6.1
  • for Android TV/Set-Top Box Client Version number 2.2.7
  • Mac OS client download Version number 2.9.3 available
  • No download version is available for iPhone client and iPad client

Support Regional Content and language on IVF TV.

IVF TV offers regional Content in various regions like Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Europe, America, the UK, Thailand, and more.

IYF TV supports multiple languages, including English, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin,

Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Thai and many more.

Stay Safe While Using IYF.tv?

IYF.tv is an illegal and pirated website with ads-free mode and annoying advertisements. These ads can be dangerous and spread viruses. IYF TV is provided by substandard and suspicious advertisement networks, as prominent and safe ad networks like Google AdSense don’t cooperate with illegal websites. It’s important to be aware of these issues and avoid using IYF TV as a YouTube video downloader.

To stay safe, use an ad-blocker to block ads, avoid touching remaining ones if possible, and leave redirected to unknown websites as soon as possible. Avoid paying for a paid subscription if possible, as you can watch movies online in free mode. If you choose to use premium mode, use a spare card with the minimum required amount for your subscription. Use a VPN to protect yourself from viruses, even if IYF.tv is illegal in your country. These precautions ensure that IYF.tv remains a safe platform to use, even if it is illegal in your country.


IYF TV is an online video platform offering a variety of content including movies, TV dramas, cartoons, documentaries, variety shows, music, and fashion. It has a new feature called “Game center” and offers subscription plans like Gold Package, Gold VIP, Supreme VIP, and Couple VIP packages. The platform supports regional content in various languages and regions. To stay safe, users should use an ad-blocker, avoid ads, and use a spare card for premium mode. VPN protection is recommended for virus protection.

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