The Flower of veneration

The Flower Of Veneration

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The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is a captivating literary masterpiece, showcasing self-discovery, tradition preservation, mystery, intrigue, and key takeaways like accepting destiny and appreciating friendship. The novel is a must-read for readers, as it reminds them that beauty can be found unexpectedly and encourages them to question themselves and their traditions. The ensemble cast of characters adds depth to the plot, creating a delightful tapestry of human experiences and emotions.

Let the story begin!!!!

The journey starts in Valeria, a place full of mysterious history and lore. An enchanting environment is created by the verdant scenery and imposing castles. The first episode gives off the impression that things are peaceful before the storm, which gradually erupts as the series continues. The manhwa is filled with events that make readers take notes while reading.

The Flower of Veneration’s delicate petals represent the beauty and fragility of life, inspiring us to respect nature’s might and think deeply about our own secrets.

Cecylia heir of Saryan dynasty

Cecylia, the central character and sole heir of the Duke of Saryan dynasty, is renowned for her stunning red hair and kind spirit. She is criticized for being a female, but she finally declares herself the only heir and Duke, displaying a strong side to her personality.

The most heartbreaking scene is when she joyfully walks into her father’s chamber in her palace. She attempts to hold back her emotions as she enters the door to discover the maids, doctor, and butler gathered around the bed where her father’s lifeless body is resting.

Cecylia ignored the maids and ran to her father’s side. Illyad had a towel covering her face that she tore in pain as she stared in horror at her father’s lifeless face and sunken, closed eyes.

Cecylia’s heart clenched as her father’s smiling face appeared. Despite finding his methods inconvenient and unsatisfying, Cecylia was proud of his cold-heartedness and appreciated his tenacity in forging his own path, which he thought was proper and sworn by. Cecylia loved his distinct way of living despite her first displeasure with it.

After speaking with a physician, Cecylia became aware of her father’s unusual death and assumed it was a curse. She raged at the doctor for failing to provide her the crucial information, but her emotions burst through and she lost her wrath and misery.

Everyone was avoiding eye contact and had weird faces of anguish, which suggested she could have been complicit in her father’s demise. She focuses on the matter and orders their butler, Gianton, to arrange a midnight funeral.She makes a commitment to track out the one responsible for her father’s death via curse.

Let me remind you that when her father passed away, she changed into a character that was uptight and worried about being wrongly suspected of murdering her deceased father. She also wanted to be labeled as a thorn.

Loyal Knights Characters


Chris is a cheery person who likes to joke around. He doesn’t hold back when he speaks his mind. Chris also appears to be a little close to Cecylia as he begins to make fun of her father’s passing and the fact that everyone is looking out for her. It appears that they may have been dating for some time.


Chris is excellent friends with Sophie, a knight in the Saryan family castle. Commoners do not have the privilege of becoming knights in the realm where this narrative is situated. Sophie is an exception since she is a wizard and has magical abilities. She was, therefore, permitted to hold the title of Knight despite being a female.

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Another devoted knight, Sophie, speaks with a serene, mature voice. Particularly while communicating with Cecylia, she is careful with her word choice. Despite Sophie’s outward innocence, it is obvious that she would go to any lengths to keep her boss, Cecylia, safe.

What happened after her fathers died?

Cecylia talks to her knights about how nervous everyone is in the castle right now and how they’re all worried they could be unfairly accused of killing the late Duke.Cecylia is aware of additional rumors and questions surrounding the Duke’s mysterious death. She has, after all, constantly lived in terror of this day.

The largest obstacle standing in Cecylia’s path of becoming the future Duke of the Saryan dynasty is the fact that she is a woman. In the struggle she also discovers the Veneration Flower as a symbol of protection and self-discovery, leading her to train to become its guardian, a journey she never anticipated.

What is the issue with being a woman?

After she expresses her concerns, Cecylia’s Knights ask her what the issue is with being a woman. The historical period of the narrative is one in which prejudice against women was prevalent. In addition, the blood of a woman is also viewed as inferior to that of a man. Adding fuel to Cecylia’s worry that her family would use her father’s passing as a chance to take over the household.

Who is Illyad Zi Saryan?

The Duke of the Saryan family, Illyad, was a ruthless individual. Illyad has always done what seemed right to him, regardless of what others thought. He has always made his route for others to follow.

In particular, when it came to his daughter, he had a strong bond with her and didn’t support prejudice against women. Although the Duke is a heartless individual who only shows cruelty to others, he is kind and compassionate with his close relatives. No one dared to speak in front of him since the other members of the family and the council feared him.

What happened after Cecylia’s father’s funeral?

Upon her return home from the cremation, Cecylia discovers a small youngster hidden in the attic—a closely kept family secret.  A new character appeared claiming to be Ethan, the Crown Prince, who was thought to have drowned tragically five years prior.

The first reaction Cecylia has is suspicion. The whole foundation of her world is put into question if she accepts Ethan as the genuine Crown Prince. But as the narrative progresses, we see her gradually coming to terms with this astounding fact. She finally resolves to support Ethan in his effort to retake the crown rightly.

Where did the chapter end?

This game of cat and dog would never come to an end. Her family will never give up seeking what is rightly their daughter. She then suggested that her father remarry in order to provide a legitimate successor to the family. Although she was his sole heir, her father reassured her that she should inherit everything.

This recollection helps Cecylia make her choice, and she declares in front of everyone that she is the sole legitimate successor to the family and will succeed as Duke. There, the chapter concludes with a breathtaking image of Cecylia. The final scene’s power and assurance prompt the reader to flip the page to chapter 2, which marks the ideal conclusion.

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