Use of Combine Harvester and Agriculture Tools in India

Use of Combine Harvester and Agriculture Tools in India

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Agriculture tools in India are used widely for gathering crops and enjoying a bountiful harvest. There is no doubt that harvest time is the peak revenue time for farmers. However, it can also result in farm injuries and even deaths. Thus, it is important to understand best practices for using implements before you check out the Agriculture tools in India 2023. The harvesting process involves several stages like reaping, threshing and sifting, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. Farmers need to know the best method to make the most of tractor implements. The use of agriculture tools is always recommended to improve farm productivity and profits. Tractor implements play a significant role in turning the harvesting period into a profitable season for farmers. Check out the following sections to learn the best use of agriculture tools and avoid silly mistakes. 

Preparation of Machine

Good harvesting habits are important for operating grain harvesting machines like corn picker and combine. If best practices are not used, it can be harmful to your safety and earnings. The agriculture tools price in India is not low, meaning they must be used efficiently. Constant alertness is vital for preventing accidents, even if agriculture tools in India 2023 are designed for safety. One must ensure they do not operate top agriculture tools and equipment in India when angry, worried, ill or tired. Most accidents related to the top agriculture tools and equipment in India occur under such conditions. 

Grain harvesting machines are known to have several moving parts. These parts demand regular maintenance and adjustment. Maintenance is a key cost to be considered before buying a farm tool, in addition to the agriculture tools price in India. Farmers must start machine preparation in the off-season. There must be a gap of a few weeks before these machines are used on the ground. All agriculture tools in 2023 will take time to get into safe and efficient operating conditions. 

You must ensure that all safety stands, shields and PTO covers of all agriculture tools in 2023 are placed correctly before taking them to the fields. In addition, carefully read and understand the procedures mentioned in the operator manual. The mentioned instructions have to be followed faithfully for a safe and generous harvest. Agriculture tools and equipment price in India can be overwhelming for many farmers. Thus, the goal must be to use them in a way that turns them into lucrative investments. 

Preparation of Field

One can easily notice obstacles in a farm during planting and tillage. However, they are not easily visible when the crop has matured. Accidents can happen due to large stumps and stones, particularly on slopes. If you check agriculture tools and equipment price in India, you will notice how big of an investment they are. In addition, their repair is also costly. Therefore, you must clear the field of all obstacles before harvest. Many farmers mark such hindrances with a tall stake or pole so that they are seen clearly. 

Before you find the agriculture tools in India, you must be prepared for the harvesting season. Ditches are another huge risk on the field. A planting tool is different in weight and size from harvesting tools. Thus, the ditch gaps may not be at safe distances at harvest time. In addition, heavy rains can also make new ditches or undercut banks. Therefore, always leave additional turning space near such ditches while planting crops. Find the agriculture tools in India that are suitable for your farm size.

Operating the Combine

The list of top 5 agricultural tools in India 2023 includes combine harvesters for Indian farmers. This tool is valuable for the harvesting season. The operator has to be within easy reach of all the machine controls to ensure safe driving. Due to discomfort, one not only feels distracted but also feel fatigued. Farmers must adjust seats as per their reach and height. Modern combines are known for having an adjustable steering column for the standing position or individual arm lengths. This is why combines are a part of the key agriculture tools list in 2023

Self-propelled machines are steered using wheels at the rear. Operators must check where they are going before turning, as the combine’s rear can hit any obstacle. There are two brake pedals for controlling individual drive wheels. For stopping the combine harvester in a straight line, use them together. When turning, use these brakes separately. The combine can swerve due to uneven brake application, mainly at high speeds. 

Components Above The Header

It would be best to have a good idea about the components above or beyond the header, like the exhaust pipe, grain elevator, cab and unloading auger. Understand how big the machine is to prevent striking trees, power lines, buildings and fences. There is limited visibility in the rear, thus, ensure the area is vacant before turning or backing the combine. The price of agriculture tools in India has made such measures necessary.

Another key practice is to keep walking surfaces and ladders free of dirt and grease. Make sure you use handrails to get on and off the machine safely. Choppers throw out flying materials like stalks and straws that can injure passersby. You must ensure no one is near the discharge area during or before the operation. Before going near the combine’s rear for service checks, make sure to disconnect the spreader or chopper. Also, it is very important to maintain a safe distance from the side of the equipment. Eye protection is a must for all machines in the agriculture tools list in 2023 that come with a straw spreader or chopper. 


Check out the agriculture tools price list 2023 to ensure what kind of implement fits your budget and needs. Buying a big machine is unnecessary if your yield or farm is not large. The list of agriculture tools price in India will give a fair idea about the affordability of harvesting implements. Enjoy the harvesting season by following these best practices and preventing avoidable accidents.


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