UAE Labour Law Implementations

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UAE Labour Law does not specify or implement on all employees. But this is for all UAE Nationals and Expatriates, working in the private sector. Therefore employees working in Government Sector, Federal Government, Armed Forces, Police, and Security Agencies are exempted from this. Another thing that needs to be understood is that the workers hired for domestic services, also known as Domestic Workers, are also treated differently. UAE Labour Law does not cover these domestic workers as well. 

Labour and Employment Lawyers

Even the VISA is also processed, differently. For further details, you may check with Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE e.g. Ask The Law Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants. Federal Law Decree 9 of 2022, explains about Domestic Workers, and their recruitment policy. MOHRE is the general department and general level to manage Labour Complaints. Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021, regulates the UAE Labour Law for private sector employees including UAE Nationals.  

UAE Government working on privatization

UAE Government still working on the improvement of privatization. Privatization has been made better, by the UAE Government, in the last few decades. Therefore, Private Sector is being flourished in UAE rapidly. Second, the legal services are also improved and made better by the government of UAE where the judiciary is improved, the court system is improved and the law is also improved. Lawyers and Legal Consultants, are hired for the purpose in order to grab expert legal advice and solution.      

General Thoughts 

Labour and Employment Lawyers, arbitrate the relationship between the Employer, Employee, trade unions, customers, government, and other stakeholders involved. Labour and employment laws are the source of guidance to look into disputes about labour. There is a labour law that mediates the relationship between all the stakeholders. Moreover, collective labour laws are also present that govern the relationship between the employee, and employer. Under collective laws, the rights of the employees at work are protected. Labour and Employment Lawyers are well-versed in offering an amicable settlement to conflicts regarding labour laws. Every business and any category of the business face employment. No one is over and above the law. Therefore, labour laws are designed according to the requirements and nature of work. Labour and Employment Law has to narrate the set of terms and conditions to safeguard Labour Rights and obligations. 

Importance of Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE

Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the working environment and local labour laws. This may also include international laws along with local ones. On various complex matters, both may be taken into consideration. They assist corporates, organizations, multinationals, companies, enterprises, entities, businesses, individuals, and others in different ways depending upon their specs. Nevertheless, they are equally handy for small-scale companies, medium-sized businesses, and even large expertise. They have the potential to manage the human resources of companies. In addition, they can easily monitor and handle the labour force according to the policies. The attorneys take up the responsibility to monitor the human resource policies. They ensure that all the internal policies are established following the labour and employment laws prevailing in the country.


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