Tutorial on How to Do Kiara Advani’s Wedding Makeup Look

Tutorial on How to Do Kiara Advani’s Wedding Makeup Look

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Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra’s wedding was highly anticipated, and when they finally tied the knot, they announced the news on Instagram with the caption, “Ab humari permanent booking hogayi hai. We seek your blessings and love on our journey ahead.” Since then, social media has been abuzz with photos of their dreamy wedding, including Kiara’s traditional attire and wedding makeup look. It’s not surprising that their wedding photos and fashion choices have been making waves on social media, as they both looked stunning in their traditional outfits. Kiara chose a muted pink lehenga with intricate gold embroidery, while Sidharth looked dashing in a white sherwani with golden detailing. The couple definitely made a stylish statement and set some serious fashion goals for their fans.

kiara Advani wedding makeup

Kiara Advani is known for her impeccable style and fashion sense, and her wedding makeup was no exception. From the photos, it looks like Kiara opted for a classic and elegant bridal look. With a focus on glowing skin, soft eye makeup, and subtle lip color. Her hair was styled in a bun with garland, giving her a relaxed and romantic look. We know, you are eagerly waiting to recreate the look, and we don’t blame you; look at her she looks- breathtakingly gorgeous. Stay tuned with us while we unfold how to recreate Kiara’s wedding look.  

Kiara Advani in her bridal avatar

When you look at Kiara Advani in her bridal avatar, the first thought that pops into your mind is how flawless her face and skin look. Well, the secret behind this minimalistic glamour is a skin-forwarded approach that’s excelling in the natural beauty realm. Rooted in the minimalism trend, Kiara’s radiant glow is a result of an ironclad pre-wedding skincare routine. The nude makeup layered on top simply accentuates her existing texture and glow, ushering in a new, simplistic era of bridal beauty.

Step 1: Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise – The CTM Technique


This is the basic and vital step of any makeup routine. Cleansing helps in removing dirt and grime from the face. Making the skin soft and clean, and helping the wedding makeup look glide smoothly. Now, for hydration, apply an alcohol-free toner and let it sit to dry. After that, take your moisturizer and mix it well with a liquid highlighter, this will give you a dewy base by enhancing the glow of your face. Which liquid highlighter is best for this step? SÉRY Glow Dots Illuminating Highlighter is the right pick. This illuminating liquid highlighter lets you achieve a nourished flawless glow, leaving the skin relaxed with the goodness of Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

Step 2: Always go for Hydrating Foundation 

A foundation is the backbone of every makeup, that’s why always ensure to pick the one which has hydrating properties. This will help in keeping the skin moisturized and help you in getting an even finish. We recommend you opt for a liquid foundation that is curated with hyaluronic acid and SPF protection so that you can glow without worrying about skin damage. Take a little amount of product on the back of your hand and warm it a bit by mixing it in a circular motion. Warming it up will thin out the foundation a bit and lend a more natural coverage. Apply it evenly on your face covering the neck. Blend it with a clean-damped beauty blender in dab-dab motion for a seamless finish. 

Step 3: Wiggle the Eye Mascara


Since it’s a minimal look, we will keep those eyes subtle and light. That’s why we will play around only with eyelashes in the eye makeup. Take a black volumizing mascara whose 2-3 coats will be enough to give you the desired lashes for this look. Ensure that the mascara is buildable so that it doesn’t dry or clump on the eyes. 

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You can add more color to the eyes by swiping a stroke of waterproof Kajal, which can be worn both on the waterline and eyelashes.

Step 4:  Time to Add Blush and Highlighter 


Adding blush and highlighter can be a playful way to enhance your features.  Add a pop of color to your look. It’s essential to use a light hand while applying these products and to blend well to avoid any harsh lines or patchiness. By keeping the application subtle and natural-looking, the makeup enhances Kiara’s natural beauty without overpowering her features. Her wedding makeup is a great example of how blush and highlighter can be incorporated in a natural wedding look. The SÉRY Oh-SO- Nice Face Palette is a convenient option for this kind of on-the-go touch-up. It allows for easy application of contour, blusher, and highlighter, for a quick and flawless finish. Using the same blush and highlighter on your eyes as well can help to create a cohesive, monochromatic look. The Palette comes in two shade, choose the one which suits your skin tone. 

Step 5:  Swipe a Nude Lipstick


The pink lipstick with a nude tone went well with the beautiful rosy makeup look of Kiara. To achieve those luscious lips, apply pink nude lipstick from the SÉRY Matte Care collection, the name of the shade is Warmth. This matte lipstick is infused with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E, which glides effortlessly on the lips and gives an intense color payoff in one stroke. Loaded with the goodness of SPF-15 protectant, this nude lipstick provides protection against harmful rays to lips and prevents them from getting dark.

 There you are ready in a rosy makeup look of Kiara. 

Kiara’s beauty look struck a balance between traditional Indian bridal elements and modern sensibilities. This is a great lesson to keep in mind when choosing your own bridal beauty look . It’s possible to incorporate traditional elements while still expressing your own personal style. 


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