The Size Of Graduation Invitation for Announcements Wording

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Graduation is the most awaited moment for every student. During their years of Higher Education, she is awaited by the class and her family and friends. Due to its importance in graduates’ lives, it is ideal that every detail of graduation is carefully thought out. One of the traditions at graduations is the graduation invitation. This is a memory kept with great affection by the students, as well as by the family and friends who received it. 

true Symbol of the realization of a Dream

The graduation invitation is a true symbol of the realization of a dream. It represents the years of dedication and effort in college, symbolizing the conquest of the dream degree. In addition to formalizing the dates and information regarding the graduation ceremonies and events, such as the Graduation Ceremony, the graduation invitations physically portray the realization of a dream of the graduates. 

Choosing not to do so can cause great regret, after all, the invitation will forever keep the memories of a journey and a great achievement.

The graduation invitation brings with it the feeling of pride, of accomplishment. It materializes everything the student has gone through and transmits emotion to parents, family, friends, and the student himself.

Main Sizes of the Graduation Invitation

The class can be inspired by numerous models of graduation invitations when choosing the technical specifications of the invitation, such as size (height x width), format (horizontal or vertical) and the number of pages.

To define all these specifications, paying attention to a very important detail: the number of students in the class is necessary. Therefore, we have separated some suggestions for formats and the number of pages in the invitation to help when choosing:

  • Classes with up to 12 students: Size 21x28cm (vertical), with up to 8 pages.
  • Classes with 13 to 29 students: Size 21x28cm (vertical), with up to 12 pages. 
  • Classes with 30 to 40 students: Size 21x28cm or 22x30cm (horizontal or vertical), with 16 pages.
  • Classes with more than 40 students: Size 21x28cm, 22x30cm, or 30x30cm with 16 pages or more.

All size suggestions and page numbers are based on the number of information and photos present in the graduation invitation, which is much larger in classes with more graduates. 

Of course, these suggestions are just a reference, nothing prevents a class of 10 students from choosing a 30x30cm invitation, with 20 pages, for example. Each class has in mind the volume of content they want in the invitation.

Here are some examples of senior graduation high school graduation announcements wording for every size of invitation:

  1. “We are thrilled to announce the graduation of our daughter/son [Name] from [High School Name]. Please join us in celebrating her/his achievements on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].”
  2. “With great pride, we share the news of [Name]’s high school graduation from [High School Name]. Please save the date for a celebration of her/his hard work and dedication on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].”
  3. “It is with joy that we announce the graduation of our beloved [Name] from [High School Name]. Please join us as we honor her/his accomplishments on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].”
  4. “Please join us in congratulating [Name] on her/his high school graduation from [High School Name]. We invite you to share in our excitement at her/his graduation party on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].”
  5. “The time has come to celebrate the graduation of our daughter/son [Name] from [High School Name]. We invite you to share in this momentous occasion on [Date] at [Time] in [Location].”

The Basic Invite Invitations

BasicInvite has a wide variety of graduation invitation templates. They make the dream of many graduates come true with our unique and high-quality invitations, taking care of all the details and finishes, from the budget request to the delivery date. 

Everything is closely monitored so that you have your satisfaction in the first place. And the best, your invitation is made completely personalized and exclusive!


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