The A7 Piano Chord: Tips and Tricks To Play Like A Pro

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Listening to the blues, jazz or American folk music is a great way to hear the A7 Chord countless times.

To add a touch of refinement to a piece of music, utilise the A7 Chord. In songs like Here Comes the Sun and Autumn Leaves, the A7 Chord is used to great effect.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn the A7 chord. To help you play this chord as rapidly as possible, we’ve put together the ideal guide. You may learn all about playing the A7 Chord by reading on.

What is Dominant 7th Chord?

It’s time to get acquainted with dominant 7th chords if you want to take your musical works to the next level.

Traditional chords are composed of three scale degrees: 1, 3, and 5. A Major is required for participation. There are three notes in this scale that correspond to A, C#, and E on the piano. Adding a 7th scale degree is what the 7th chord does. The notes A, C#, E, and G# are all part of the A major 7th chord.

The b7 is always present in dominant 7th chords. Our chord will be A, C#, E, and G if we add a b7 to our A Major 7th Chord. This is the A7 chord we’re working with today!

What Is the A7 Chord?

To play an A7 Chord, you first need to know how to play each of the four notes in it. Dominant 7th Chord is abbreviated as A7. A dom7 is another name for this chord.

Is the A7 Chord Major or Minor?

Major-minor chords are another name for dominant chords. It’s only logical that dominant chords have both. Root (A), major third (C#), perfect fifth (E) and minor seventh (E) are all included (G). To put it simply, the dominant 7th chord is made up of three major triads and a seventh.

How Do You Play the A7 Chord?

The A7 Chord is a breeze to play! Let’s begin with the piano’s keys and where your fingers will rest.

  • With your right hand, find the middle C.
  • To press note A, move your thumb two full steps to the middle C position. Your fundamental pitch is right here.
  • Press C# with your index finger.
  • E., press the fifth. It’s up to you whether you want to accomplish this with your third or fourth finger.
  • Finally, hit G with your fifth finger. Make sure this isn’t G# at all! This is a minor seventh, so keep that in mind.

There you have it! Play the A7 chord as a whole, as well as in scales, in order to acquire a feel for how the motion should sound. Check out for additional information on how to play A7. It will include a video tutorial and further information about this musical chord.

Practice and Have Fun!

It’s a given that practise makes perfect. If you’re having difficulty playing this chord, don’t worry. It wasn’t designed simple to play chords of dominance. But once you master it, you’ll never be able to play it again.


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