How to Protect Your Pipes in Cold Winter

Having inadequate pipe insulation in your home increases the risk of frozen water bursting the pipes during the winter. When the water thaws, it can flow out of the pipeline rapidly, creating a huge mess and causing extensive damage. The ideal scenario is to never have to deal with this chaos. This is where reliable plumbing experts in Brooklyn and New York come in. Timely pipe inspection services can save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees and a lot of trouble. 

Take a few easy precautions during the winter, especially during severe cold spells, to protect your pipes from damage. Read on to learn more.


Prepare for the Cold Weather

You can take measures before the winter sets in to prevent your pipes from freezing. For example, if you own a swimming pool or water sprinkler system, drain the water from the supply lines as the manufacturer or installation company instructed.

Remember, these lines are not to be treated with antifreeze unless instructed otherwise, as humans, pets, wildlife, and plants are all at risk when antifreeze leaks into the environment.


Schedule a Pipe Inspection

One of the best ways to protect your pipes in winter is to opt for pipe inspection services and sewer line services at the start of the season. Professional plumbing contractors can identify the red flags in your plumbing system and take preventative actions to avoid any significant damage.

Insulate Your Plumbing

Water pipes are at greater risk of freezing and bursting when positioned along external walls or in unheated locations. Putting insulation around these pipes is a smart way to protect your pipes. Insulating your pipes is a simple matter of wrapping foam or heated tape around the pipes. These materials are readily available at local hardware stores. You can also use newspaper to cover any exposed pipes.

Maintain a Steady Temperature

Maintain the same temperature on your thermostat throughout the day and night. This will help you save money and protect your pipes, allowing them to stay warmer and reducing the likelihood of freezing and rupturing. Additionally, keeping a consistent temperature will put less strain on your furnace, which is essential during cold spells.

So, while it could be tempting to keep adjusting the thermostat in response to the ever-changing temperature, it is advisable to maintain a steady flow of warm air. In addition, it could save you from paying for a plumbing repair in winter.

Leave a Tap Running

A simple act like leaving a tap running can go a long way toward avoiding frozen pipes. A full blast of water is unnecessary, but make sure there is a slow drip from your tap. Pick the faucet farthest from the water supply for the best results. This will ensure that water constantly moves through your plumbing system, making it less likely to freeze over the winter. The same goes for any exposed pipes that supply faucets.

Open Your Cabinet Doors

Leaving the cabinet doors under the kitchen and bathroom sinks open is a simple but effective method for avoiding pipe bursts. Doing so will allow the warm air to travel down and around the pipes beneath the cabinets.

If your cabinetry is situated along an exterior wall, leaving the doors open becomes even more important because of their proximity to the outdoors. Pipes in these locations are more susceptible to freezing during the winter.

Insulate Unheated Areas

Pipes in unheated areas, like the attic, basement, garage, or crawl spaces, get less heat than pipes running through a living room or bedroom. As a result, they are more prone to freezing and bursting if you do not insulate the unheated parts of your home. Additionally, better insulation helps keep heat in during the winter, reducing heating costs.

You can add insulation yourself if you enjoy DIY home projects. However, a professional contractor can help you out if you feel uncomfortable. Either way, it’s a cheap and efficient strategy for preserving your pipes and maintaining pleasant indoor temperatures.

Protect Your Pipes This Winter with Nationwide Plumbers

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