How To Get The Bob Badge in Fnf Rp : Step By Step Guide

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How to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP: Earning the bob badge in FNF RP is simple. Simply enter the lobby and press the button opposite Bob. Your character will be transformed into an evil god due to this. You can then use this badge to obtain a variety of fantastic items. Getting the bob badge will also help you in the Slap Battles. If you don’t want to fight Bob, you have other options, such as using the weapon or simply standing on the ledge and destroying it.

Slap Battles

Players in the Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Bob mod can earn secret player badges by winning rap battles. You must be the character Bob to obtain these badges. This character is a poorly drawn man who becomes enraged whenever he loses. To receive the Bob badge, play as Bob and collect the flower by hitting the arrow keys in time with the music. To understand How to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP and win this title, you must first learn to play.

Obtaining this badge used to be very simple, but that is no longer the case. You must collect 5000 slaps in the new version of the game. To do so, click on the cat’s portrait, which will take you to a screen with the slap count messages. Previously, you could obtain the badge by clicking on the cat, but this has been removed due to phase orbs in the backroom.

2 Simple steps to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP

In order to get your hands on a Bob Glove, you’ll need a Bob Badge. Using the Replica Ability will grant you access to this badge. This rare item can only be obtained through Slap Battles and only a few times.You can also use a Bob glove replica. The good news is that it will not vanish from your lobby once you have it.

To obtain the Bob badge, you must use Replica to summon Bob. The bob badge can only be obtained by using Replica’s ability. This badge has a meager chance of appearing, so be patient. The Bob badge consists of a black glove with a white bob-haired face slid across the palm.

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You must rescue someone to obtain the Swapper badge. The Swapper badge is not difficult to obtain, but you must swap with someone. Then someone else will be teleported to you via a Warp glove. You’ll also receive a Bomb glove, which will teleport anyone to you.

Earning the bob badge

How to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP: The Bob badge can be obtained by participating in Friday Night Funkin’ Roleplay. This is a rap battle game in which you compete against other people. It is similar to a classic game but uses a modified version. By playing the game, you must obtain the Bob badge. This game is playable on Roblox. Check that your device has the Friday Night Funkin’ Roleplay mod installed. You must complete several activities to earn the Bob badge.

You must first visit the Corn Farm. The Corn Farm is accessible from the lobby. Once there, you can enter the farm’s first building. When you join, you’ll notice a rock on the floor. To transform into an evil god, pick up the flower behind it and step on it. After completing these tasks, you must kill three enemies to obtain the Bob badge.

You can play the game using the Silver skill when you have the Bob badge. This ability increases your chances of winning. It also provides you with more money. You’ll also receive a special badge. You can also collect a lot of diamonds to boost your strength. You can obtain the Bob Badge by playing Friday Night Funk Roleplay.

Earning the bob badge in fnf rp

how to get the bob badge in fnf rp

Earning the Bob badge in the Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Bob mod requires you to defeat your opponent. This character isn’t particularly well-drawn, but he becomes enraged if you lose a rap battle with him. You must play as Bob and hit the arrow keys in time with the music to earn this badge. If you’re unfamiliar with this mod, you can find out more about it in this article.

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You can earn the Bob badge once you have logged into the game. The lobby is where one can find the Bob badge. To become an evil god:

  1. Press the button opposite Bob.
  2. Proceed to the farm’s far end and enter the open barn. You must collect a flower hidden behind a rock on the floor.
  3. Press the floor button to transform into the evil god.

You can earn this badge in a single game if you want to play this game for free. Because it is a free game, you can play it as often. To spawn Bob, simply use the Replica gloves. The chances of getting Bob if you use an arrow key are one in a thousand. To obtain the Bob badge, first, complete the Silver achievement. This achievement is uncommon, but it is simple to get.


To earn the Bob badge in fnF RP, you must be in a game where Bob is a character. You must be near the player closest to you to accomplish this. Bob will approach the nearest player and touch them to learn more about them. How to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP is very simple, and anyone can do it by using our simple hacks. Once you’ve earned the badge, you can play as Bob by using the Bob glove. Once you’ve made the Bob badge, Bob will no longer vanish from the lobby until you use it inadvertently.


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