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What is FIBAhub?

FIBAhub is the name for the collection of FIBA (Fédération Internationale de Basketball) social media networks in one place, not until FIBA releases its official FIBAhub.The greatest alternative for basketball fans is the SlushWeb FIBAhub page.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is the global governing body for basketball, formed by 213 National Basketball Federations worldwide. It provides in-depth analysis, news, and stats for basketball enthusiasts worldwide, making FIBA Hub the ideal place to stay updated. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes FIBA as the exclusive authority in basketball.

Being a non-profit organization, FIBA generally refrains from pursuing any economic goals for personal benefit.

FIBA, or the International Basketball Federation, has a long history dating back to 1932. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, it aimed to govern and promote basketball worldwide. During the early 20th century, European nations started to play the sport, which is when it all started. 

FIBA established rules and regulations for international play, culminating in basketball’s inclusion in the Olympic Games in 1936. Over the years, FIBA has expanded the global reach of basketball, fostering its growth across continents. Notable achievements include the FIBA World Cup in 1950 and the inclusion of professional players in international competitions. Today, FIBA remains the governing body for basketball, overseeing competitions and promoting development.

What FIBA does:

  • every four years, the FIBA Basketball World Cup is held.
  • For all international and Olympic competitions, FIBA sets the Official Basketball Rules, the requirements for facilities and equipment, and all internal executive regulations. It also establishes the system of competition controls and oversees the selection of international referees.
  • It oversees and controls all international tournaments, including player transfers between nations.

FIBAHub on Social Media

FIBA is actively engaged on various social media platforms to enhance its visibility. 

  • FIBA, with 2.4 million followers on Instagram, shares pictures and short reels of basketball players during events, with over 12,000 posts, including inside and behind the scenes.
  •  FIBA, a prominent basketball organization, maintains a strong presence on Facebook, boasting 6.2 million likes and sharing daily insights and sports memes.
  • FIBA’s official Twitter account has 526.4K followers, featuring 107.4K posts similar to Facebook’s, and allows users to watch match scores.
  • To watch live men’s or women’s basketball tournaments, subscribe to FIBA’s YouTube channel with 2.38 million subscribers, which also informs about upcoming live streaming events like EuroCup Women 2023-24.
  • FIBA’s official TikTok account, with 3.1M followers and 61.8M likes, shares short basketball moves videos of famous players, showcasing the craze of basketball among people with over 10K likes per video.
  • FIBA’s Twitch account, with 25.8K followers, offers live-streaming of eFIBA tournaments, allowing fans to watch basketball gaming videos live.
  • A professional audience was frequently the target audience for FIBA’s LinkedIn profile, which shared news about collaborations, organizational advancements, and industry news with 64,548 followers
  • Keep up with the most recent information, standings, and access to unique stuff around basketball. Participate in surveys, have live conversations during games, and become a part of the fervent FIBAHub WeChat community. Enjoy player interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses at no cost.

2023 FIBA Intercontinental Cup

The 2023 FIBA Intercontinental Cup was the 33rd edition, held in Singapore and Asia. It was the first time the tournament was hosted in Singapore and the second in the same calendar year. The tournament cycle was changed to September to better suit club schedules. It was the first tournament with an expanded format, with six teams, including two Asian teams. Franca won its first title, beating Telekom Baskets Bonn in the final, with Lucas Dias scoring a fadeaway jumper and David Jackson being named MVP.

World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics

Teams may use the World Cup as a platform to clinch their spot in the forthcoming 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris and as a worldwide showcase. The 19 national teams that used the World Cup for this reason were verified by FIBA recently.

The World Cup in Qatar in 2027: A countdown

Fans of basketball have even more cause for celebration: It has been announced that Qatar will host the men’s basketball World Cup in 2027. With this news, the little country’s portfolio of sporting events grows, and interest among basketball fans across the globe grows.

Google Acquires Partnership as FIBA’s Global Women’s Partner

In a historic step, Google became FIBA’s first worldwide partner exclusively for women. This collaboration highlights Google’s commitment to women’s basketball and its global expansion.

Why FIBA Hub Is Important For Basketball Fans?

FIBA Hub is a popular platform for basketball fans due to its reliable information, coaching resources, and player development resources. It provides the latest news, scores, and highlights from the world of basketball, empowering coaches with resources to enhance their teams’ performance. FIBA Hub also offers tips, training programs, and advice from experienced players and coaches for young and aspiring players. Insights about player performance, team chemistry, and game strategy are also provided, enabling coaches and players to make well-informed judgments. All things considered, FIBA Hub is an excellent tool for both coaches and basketball players.

Future of Basketball with Fibahub:

Fibahub is a basketball platform that revolutionizes the sport by combining advanced analytics, player development programs, international collaborations, and cutting-edge technology. It provides data-driven insights and anticipates future trends, making it a game-changer in the industry. The platform connects players, coaches, and organizations globally, enabling the growth and development of basketball communities. Its advanced analytics would allow athletes to optimize their skills, analyze game trends, and develop effective game plans. It fosters international collaborations by connecting players, coaches, and organizations worldwide. Fibahub also revolutionizes basketball technology by offering innovative features and advancements, enhancing player training, and optimizing game strategies. It connects basketball communities worldwide through personalized training plans, skill development exercises, expert coaching, and access to a global network of basketball professionals. The platform drives innovation in basketball training by providing cutting-edge training tools and resources. It enables global basketball networking by connecting players, coaches, and organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.


A global network called FIBAhub provides a thorough overview of every facet of basketball, revolutionizing the way coaches, players, and spectators interact with the game. Its dedication to diversity enables it to serve basketball lovers of all ages and skill levels, from amateurs to pros. FIBAhub bridges the gap between fans, players, and coaches, fostering a sense of community and knowledge-sharing. It also provides useful tips and the latest news and press releases related to recent events. With FIBAhub, users can explore and embrace the world of basketball like never before.


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