Decorations as the Ultimate Christmas Gifts

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Not many people can afford to get quality Christmas decorations for the holidays. In fact, as economic situations worsen, getting a good Christmas decoration requires money and good planning. However, you can make someone’s Christmas turn around great by gifting them a décor item that you believe will lighten up their home. 

Flowers as the Best Christmas Gifts

Flowers are usually shelved aside in favor of Christmas trees during the holidays. However, flowers have a timeless value and depending on the flowers you pick, there is a message you are communicating to the recipient of your gift. You can opt for garlands by combining some bandannas and pashminas together. With some cloth and a ribbon, the entire ensemble will look great at the fireplace or mantle and anyone receiving such a gift will definitely appreciate it.

Making Your Own Christmas Lights

Other great gift ideas are Christmas lights. However, you don’t need to go to the stores to buy them. Instead, try making your own from repurposed bottles. Wine and alcohol bottles already come in great shapes and designs and so you don’t need to worry about that. You can then add some string LED lights and a seal it up well either with cork or any other stopper. You now have a great gift idea that is unique and can be used over and over. 

You can also make your own candles which you can use as a gift or for your house. Turn ordinary candles into quality scented candles by simply melting the non scented candle into a bowl and adding fabric softener and sweet detergents. Find a good, well designed container such as a glass and fill it with the molten wax. Put in a string and let it dry. You can customize the bottle by adding a small message to your loved one or recipient of the gift.

Styling Your Mantle

The mantle is a great place for a centerpiece during the holidays. You can go traditional by hanging socks and cups, but since times have changed, you can add some bit of technology and mix with flowers and some décor to make it memorable. A digital photo album is a great gift for the mantle which you can get for a loved one or even for yourself. Upload several photos of family members and set it on the mantle alongside some of their favorite items. 

Memorabilia can basically be anything and you don’t have to fully conform to the Christmas themes for ornamentations and memorabilia. Display any iconic and memorable piece you may have and add flowers, ribbons and a sock or two to finish the setup. However, if the mantle has a live fire, then anything brighter would likely spoil the entire scene. Get mantle lights that are understated but which still shed some good light on the gifts and pieces you have placed there. 

In conclusion, Christmas gifts should be fun and the process can be just as fun as the actual gift. 


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