5 Enterprise Backup Solutions Every Company Should Consider

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Keeping data secure is paramount to a business’s success. Companies are willing to pay for data, making data as valuable as currency.

As a business looking to secure data, it’s important to keep in mind the recent methods that have emerged to stay secure in this continually evolving industry. If catastrophe should arise, and data loss occurs, it’s best to be properly equipped to minimize disruption for your business and your clients.

Enterprise backup offers the ability for a business to use hardware and software to move data from a primary storage device to a secondary backup solution. The term “Enterprise backup” refers to a business data management and backup storage system. 

Enterprise Backup systems have evolved through many forms, originally relying on systems like tape backup for data storage. However, in more recent times, the data can be stored in the cloud, which ultimately saves money and increases data security for companies.

The data backup solutions for enterprise backup are as follows:

Disk drives

Data is first saved to a hardware solution as the primary backup for securing data. If you haven’t heard of the 3-2-1 rule of data backup, the concept is to have one primary backup and two copies of your data, with at least one copy being stored offsite.

Data Mirroring

Data mirroring refers to the process of moving data between two or more storage systems, data formats, warehouses, or servers. In most instances, the company performing the data mirroring will take the primary storage and then mirror the data to the other storage systems to provide the other component of the 3-2-1 rule, creating redundant backups.

Data Management

After the data has undergone data mirroring, the responsibility of maintaining the backup becomes one of Data Management. One of the most important components of data management is the ability to quickly retrieve the backups in the case of a disaster where a catastrophic data loss occurs. Reducing the overall Recovery Time Objective (RTO) after a disaster is critical to lower the impact on a business.

Not all data management systems are built the same. However, when utilizing CloudKeySM as your cloud platform, not only are you equipped with all the tools you would want from an elite cloud platform, but you get that all important ability to reduce Recovery Time Objective (RTO) as well as Recovery Point Objective (RPO). 

Backing up

Enterprise level data backup is not a new concept. However, the capabilities of technologies to keep your data secure are always evolving.  For any company that relies on keeping large sets of data secure, implementing an enterprise backup solution is imperative. 

Cloud Backup Storage

One of the best ways to ensure data security is through redundancy and having a remote backup in case a disaster occurs on a local level. This goes back to the 3-2-1 rule in having at least one data backup at a remote location. CloudKeySM offers secure remote cloud based backup services through trusted, enterprise level data centers. Because CloudKeySM also has at least two site replications, your data is more secure. 

The CloudKey Platform

CloudKeySM is an entire cloud platform, offering tools and solutions that any modern business needs to help stay ahead in their industry. The best enterprise backup solution comes from a company that has dedicated resources to keeping your data secure. By using CloudKeySM, you have the advantage of a multi-tool that provides not only the best in enterprise backup solutions, but a host of other services to keep your data secure, your business scalable, and your costs low. Contact us today to learn more.



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