13 Steps: Get Happiness in Life

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As much as water, food, and shelter are important for living life, similarly happiness in life is important for living a satisfying life. Without happiness, life is tasteless and it is the necessity of every living being. They show their sadness in different ways which sometimes human beings understand and sometimes not due to ignorance.

Research shows that when you help others it eventually brings happiness and satisfaction to your life too; if you can’t help others you can help others by not hurting anyone.


What is Happiness in Life

Happiness is defined as:

Positive emotions and life satisfaction.

Subjective well-being (Happiness) is how you feel about your life

A quote for happiness in life comes from the ancient philosopher Aristotle, who suggested that:

“Happiness is the one human desire, and all other human desires exist as a way to obtain happiness”.

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1- Self-Realization

If you want eternal happiness in life, it can be attained only by self-realization. A lot of stress and anxiety are due to not realizing what your strengths are and how easily you can exit this particular situation. God has given us abilities to encounter all of the problems of this world and we just have to identify them.

2- Happiness and Health

Happiness in life can predict your health and longevity. According to recent studies if you are leading a satisfied life your health and longevity can be predicted. Happiness is one’s inner state that can’t be bought by money but you can control your inner thoughts by taming negative thoughts and bringing optimism.

3- Breathing

Breathing practices have shown; that they can reduce stress, trauma, insomnia, and other related deficiencies. You can’t control your thoughts but you can shut them by not thinking about them.

4- Rewrite your story

To be happy in life quotes are here:

James W. Pennebaker a psychology professor said:

” I think of expressive writing as a life course correction”.

Rewrite your story, it means to express your thoughts in written form and then write their possible solutions i.e if someone is not on good terms with his wife, you will say give more attention to your wife, be kind to her, your problems will be solved. Similarly, you write your negative thoughts or stressful events on a blank page and rewrite solutions to these problems.

Professor James W. Pennebaker further added:

“The idea here is getting people to come to terms with who they are, where they want to go”.

5- Walking

Walking can also play a positive role in decreasing your stress and eventually resulting in increasing of happiness in life; a study on the moods and movements of cell users shows a person walking for 15 minutes have a better level of happiness than peoples who sit still.

Similarly, if you work hard more than 10 minutes it also decreases the stress and result in mental well-being and increases the score of happiness in life.

A study that tracked the movements and moods of cellphone users shows that people who have been moving for the past 15 minutes are happier than people who sit still.

6- Surround Yourself with Happiness

A person becomes one, the society he is living in; if you want to be something out of yourself you must have hung out with people like you want yourself to be. Your company plays an integral part in your life. Hanging out with optimistic people will make you happier in life. Your community plays a major role in your happiness so choose it wisely.

7- Live Near Nature

Nature plays a positive role to boost your mind and happiness, if you live near nature you will be less stressed; studies even show that if you just look at the picture of natural scenery it boosts your mood positively.

8- The Formula to Be Happy in Life

Ms. Rubin proffers a one-minute rule:

“Do any task that takes one minute to be finished”.

It will decrease your stress and anxiety and boost your mood with positive energy and you will feel good e.g. hang a coat, clean your bed or something like that which takes a few moments to complete.

9- Accept the Reality

Every person in this world feels all kinds of emotions like sadness, loneliness, boredom, stress, and anxiety, but some people with an optimistic approach still live a happy and satisfactory life, because they are optimistic that this time will pass and better days will come. This is the mindset that keeps them happy and more productive in every aspect of life.

10- Prefer your Soul

A person who runs after pursuing inner growth over materialistic desires lives a better life than a person who follows vice versa.

Study shows pursuing intrinsic goals like personal growth and community over extrinsic goals like wealth and fame makes you happier.

11- Enjoy the Moment

If you get a small achievement, you have to enjoy it, don’t run after never-ending success. If you do so you will get success one after another but due to not enjoying the process, success will end up not giving you satisfaction and you will feel emptiness. Enjoy the moment, don’t lose it by accumulating more and more.

12- Be optimistic

Empty your mind from negative things and replace them with positive ones; it doesn’t mean you are ignoring your shortcomings but you are focusing on your strengths.

13- Health and Relationships

Happiness in life directly affects your health by increasing your immunity as a result you get less sick. At the same time: you should focus on improving your relationships with mom, dad, siblings, and friends and be open-minded to make new friends; this will play a positive role in a happy life.


I will conclude with this quote for a happy life;

Norman Vincent Peale said:

“If you want to be happy, stay away from hatred, keep your mind away from anxiety, lead a simple life, have fewer expectations, give more, spread light and think about others”.

Hope this piece of my writing becomes a source of your happiness in life.



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